• For each order with our customer we calculate price according to the price list of services whereas the final price is fixed by agreement.
  • Consultancy services are invoiced per hour.
  • Accounting conduct is invoiced according to number of items in price 25 Czech crowns for item, at least 3 000 per month, annual balance is invoiced separately, at starting companies and entrepreneurs calculation of tax evidence is invoiced according to individual calculation, at least 2 000 per month.

By our experience during existence of a company result following average prices:

statutory audit od final accounts

  - small company 30 000 – 60 000 Czech crowns
  - medium company 60 000 – 130 000 Czech crowns
  - big company 130 000 and more Czech crowns


income-tax return of corporate entities

at least 10 000 Czech crowns
  - assembly of return based on handed supporting documents  
  - check of supporting documents according to working-hours  


income-tax return of personal entities

at least 5 000 Czech crowns
  - check of supporting documents according to working-hours  


other income tax returns by convention

at least 1 000 Czech crowns