Company specialization is profiled to these services:

Audit of final accounts

Check of accounting as a whole for companies which are obligated to check final accounts according to the Commercial Code, the Accounting Code and other rules, or for companies which have their accounts done of their own will. Audit check is performed by selection according to the International Standards on Auditing following significance of accounting operations. At the conclusion we express opinion of independent auditor on final accounts in auditor’s report. Part of auditor’s work is also the check of annual report and the check of report about relations of interconnected persons.
On the basis of mutual agreement can the audit be performed in continuous way within agreed terms which allow elimination of found lacks before final audit. Information from conduct of accounting entity about found lacks are handed over from continuous checks.


Tax return processing and tax audit

According to tax and other necessary data we process tax returns for tax subject. During processing of tax return we offer delay of return notice to 30th of June.
Tax audit includes testing of basic tax principles and fulfillment of tax obligations of tax entity. Output of this is letter addressed to the company management with list of found lacks and sections which were checked. This tax audit is appropriate to be performed continuously.


Tax consultancy and representation at tax procedures

It includes consultations within sections of single tax laws, tax administration and appropriate procedure of tax-payer. Based on full power of client and by his name we execute tax matters with relevant tax administrator.


Accounting conduct and accounting consultancy

We conduct accounting according to Czech national standards. Accounting is conducted under audit and tax control with possibility of complete tax service. In case of demand on accounting with real outputs in shorter time intervals less than a month it’s possible to arrange conduct of accounting directly in a place of client.
Within the accounting consultancy we offer to companies with their own accounting department a proposal of tax procedures for chosen sections including staff training, solutions of chosen accounting items, help in implementing of in-house accounting and others.


Methodology of accounting and implementing of system internal control

Since 2004 with issue of the Czech national standards has increased responsibility of accounting entities for their own accounting methodology. We offer processing or help in implementing of directives also in connection with system internal control which ensures protection of company property against theft, devaluation etc.


Various optimalization models and analyses

We offer processing of prospectus if required loan, calculation and optimalization models of various business plans including financial analyses. At crossover from tax evidence to accounting including tax optimalization we calculate tax impacts.